Q and A with latest-hairstyles.com

1. What cut, style, or color are you most proud of doing?

Kim: Man that’s a tough question. I try to make myself proud daily with each client. I know that sounds pretty cheesy but I honestly mean it. I give 110% to each person that sometimes by the end of the day I’m depleted. Life of a stylist.

I love being behind the chair. I’d have to say all the changes I’ve been able to achieve, with the trust of one of my favorite clients ever. My client Marisa has gone on a journey with me throughout the years, from Brown to fire engine Red to blonde to pink to brunette to rose gold! I have to say that is my shining accomplishment. The ability to have someone trust their tresses to you and you can come through for them. They have shiny long hair throughout the process. It’s a really cool thing. Yup final answer. ;)

2. What's your absolute favorite hair trend right now and why? (can be any photo you find on the web)

Kim:  I am loving wavy grazing the shoulder length or medium length cuts. They look great curly or wavy. Very versatile. It’s trending so hard at the moment, and there is a reason why! It’s flattering, full stop! The sexiest part of a woman is the clavicle. Exposing shoulders and décolletés is so on trend yet timeless. Short hair is super fun and feminine. Stop hiding behind your hair ladies!

Also let’s talk about curly hair being all the craze. Curly bangs are my kryptonite. I am a sucker for curly bangs. Big curly hair is taking over and I’m so here for this moment. Gone are the days of flat ironing hair into the homogeneous incognito oblivion. Let your curls speak volumes! 

3. What inspires you as an artist?

Kim: Get ready for the cornball answer of the century: it’s making people feel happy to look in the mirror. We all struggle with that. Every single one of us whether we choose to admit it or not. 

It’s being able to navigate the tricky space between how a person perceives themselves and how they’d like the world to perceive them. The circumnavigation of a client’s wants, without them necessarily knowing the vernacular or the desired end result. It’s an intricate dance we do with clients that I’m blessed I’m still able to do and extract so much  joy from after so many years. 


Thanks. That was a lot of fun!

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